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SPECIES: Clupea harengus – North Sea herring, Clupea harengus L. – Norwegian spring-spawning herring

FAMILY: Clupeidae

PRODUCTS: Fresh (fillet and whole fish), Frozen (fillet, butterflies/flaps and whole fish), Prepared: Smoked Salted/cured Marinated/pickled

SIZE: Norwegian spring-spawning herring: up to 40 cm and 500 grams, North Sea herring: up to 35 cm and 400 grams

RANGE: Norwegian spring-spawning herring: North-east Atlantic, North Sea herring: North Sea, Skagerrak and Kattegat straits

SEASON: Norwegian spring-spawning herring: January–March and September–November, North Sea herring: May–June and August-December

FEEDS ON: Zooplankton

NUTRITIONAL CONTENT Nutritional content per 100 g winter herring (edible food): Energy: 776 kJ / 187 kcal Nutrients: Protein: 15.2 g Fat: 14 g Saturated fatty acids: 2.9 g Trans unsaturated fatty acids: 0 g Cis-mono unsaturated fatty acids: 5.9 g Cis-poly unsaturated fatty acids: 3.3 g Omega-3: 2.8 g Omega-6: 0.2 g Cholesterol: 68 mg Vitamins: Vitamin A: 6 RAE Vitamin D: 11.5 μg Riboflavin: 0.3 mg Vitamin BŸ¡: 12 μg Minerals: Iron: 1 mg Selenium: 50 μg Iodine: 38 μg.