Katfisch, Seewolf

Katfisch, Seewolf

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SPECIES: Anarhichas lupus – Atlantic wolffish, Anarhichas minor – Spotted wolffish, Anarhichas denticulatus – Northern wolffish

FAMILY: Anarhichadidae

PRODUCTS: Fresh (fillet and whole), Frozen (fillet and whole)

SIZE: Atlantic wolffish: maximum 125 cm and 20 kg,Spotted wolffish: maximum 180 cm and 26 kg, Northern wolffish: maximum 138 cm and 32 kg

RANGE: Atlantic wolffish: Barents Sea, Norwegian coast and the North Sea, Spotted wolffish: Barents Sea and spread southward to the North Sea, Northern wolffish: Barents Sea and spread in the North Sea.

SEASON: Entire year

FEEDS ON: Echinoderms, mussels, snails and fish

NUTRITIONAL CONTENT Nutritional content per 100 g wolffish (edible food): Energy: 409 kJ / 97 kcal Nutrients: Protein: 18.6 g Fat: 2.5 g Saturated fatty acids: 0.5 g Cis-mono unsaturated fatty acids: 0.9 g Cis-poly unsaturated fatty acids: 0.8 g Omega-3: 0.1 g Omega-6: 0.3 g Cholesterol: 55 mg Vitamins: Vitamin A: 27 RAE Vitamin D: 1.8 μg Vitamin BŸ¡: 2 μg Riboflavin: 0.08 mg Minerals: Iron: 0.2 mg Selenium: 50 μg Iodine: 90 μg.